Yu Darvish Is Now A Cub! How Well Do You Know The Japanese Superstar?

One of the most interesting personalities found a new home this offseason. Now take this quiz to see how much Yu know!!

Created By Pound
On Feb 19, 2018
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What odd pre-game ritual does Yu do?

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What record did Yu break in the 2007 Japan Series?

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At age 21, Yu was the youngest ever player to receive how much money in Japan?

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What stat line did Yu reach fastest in MLB history?

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Before the 2008 Olympics, Yu had dual citizenship with Japan and what other country?

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What sport did Yu's grade school classmates refuse to play with him?

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Yu was the third player to win 2 Japan League MVPs in their first five seasons, one was Kazuhisa Inao. Who was the other?

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What team has Yu not been a part of?

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