Are You The Mum Of Your Friendship Group Or The Precious Baby?

How mum-like are you?

Created by PopBuzz
On Apr 20, 2016

True or false: You never leave the house in the summer without sunscreen.

When my friend is throwing up, I am...

How do you unwind?

Do you use Snapchat?

What do you do when you're out in public with your friends and you have a bad customer service experience.

Would you rather be overdressed or underdressed

Do you have hand lotion in your purse/bag right now?



Congratulations! You're the mum of your friendship group. That's not a bad thing. Your skin is a bit more moisturized than your friends' and you've usually got snacks at the ready. Nope! Definitely not a bad thing.

Precious baby

Precious baby

You are the precious baby of your friendship group. You must be protected at all costs.

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