Would You Get Away With Murder?

Rule #1: Discredit the witness.

Created By PopBuzz
On Nov 9, 2015

You just committed a terrible, terrible crime... You murdered someone! What do you do?

Tell the truth... did you have this planned all along or was it a complete accident?

Who do you tell about what just happened?

How do you get rid of the body?

Annalise asks you to tell her exactly what happened. Do you tell the truth or do you lie?

What are you going to use as your alibi?

A sneaky lawyer turns up at your house and demands a confession! How do you respond?

Someone else has been arrested, and is now considered the prime suspect. How do you react?

They got sent down! The ordeal is over... or is it? What's next for you?

You would DEFINITELY get away with murder!

You would DEFINITELY get away with murder!

You sly dog, you... But you can't take all the credit. Annalise saved your life. Your storyline might be on the slow burner for now but there's a strong possibility that you might strike again!

You MIGHT get away with murder!

You MIGHT get away with murder!

Someone else might have taken the wrap for your chilling secret but your ordeal is not over yet. In what might be the most insane season finale cliffhanger of all time... your secret might get revealed!

NOT get away with murder!

NOT get away with murder!

Two weeks after the prime suspect is sentenced to prison, your secret is exposed and you're thrown in jail. You haven't got the guts or the brains to escape the consequences of committing murder. Even Annalise thinks you're a lost cause.