Would Neville Longbottom Date You?

Well... would he?

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On Aug 8, 2016

Very important question: What's your Hogwarts house?

Where would you take Neville on a romantic date?

Which dangerous magical creature would you adopt just to get Neville's attention?

Oh no! Neville already has a date for the Yule Ball! What are you gonna do?


What strain of Amortentia would you have hand delivered to Neville's dorm?

Neville just made a massive f*ck up in class and almost killed Harry Potter - how do you react?

What is the best thing Neville Longbottom has ever done?

Which Mandrake will you have singing at your wedding?

Yes! Neville would date you!

Yes! Neville would date you!

Of course, Neville would date you! You're kind, you're intelligent and he knows you're not in it for the fame. You've always got his best interests at heart!

Ohhh no! Neville would not date you!

Ohhh no! Neville would not date you!

You're a bit too much for Neville, and he's pretty sure you've got the hots for Harry Potter anyway. Sorry!

Hmmm, Neville might date you!

Hmmm, Neville might date you!

Neville likes you... a lot - but he's pretty sure his Grandmother is gonna HATE you. Better start persuading him otherwise, right?

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