The Hardest Game Of 'Love Island' Would You Rather Ever

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On Jun 13, 2018
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Endure a full blown conversation with Adam or Eyal?

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Have unlimited snacks in the villa, unlimited booze, or unlimited sex?

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Risk partnering up with an attractive snake or play it safe and stay in a platonic coupling?

Risk it for the snake
Play it safe
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Be the FIRST person to be dumped or leave the villa for "personal reasons" ?

Be the first to be dumped
Personal reasons
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Lose your luggage and wear the same clothes the whole time or pick up the wrong luggage and have to wear XL cargo shorts and Hawaiian shirts

Cargo shorts and Hawaiian shirts
Same clothes the whole time
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Be treated in hospital by Dr. Alex or represented in court by Rosie the solicitor?

Dr. Alex
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Would you rather come off as "too boring" or "too disloyal" on national television?

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Have your parents see you have wild raunchy reality TV sex on the first night or have the entire country watch you get dodged for a kiss?

First night TV sex
Dodged for a kiss
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Couple up with and fall for your best friend's ex on 'Love Island' or leave the island untouched, unkissed, and unsexed?

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