QUIZ: What The Fuck Happened This Week?


Created by PopBuzz
On Mar 29, 2017
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Katy Perry released her new single this week. What's it called?

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Stranger Things' Barb has risen from the dead to appear in a new show. Which one?

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The Grammys revealed the seating plan for Sunday's event. Who are Twenty One Pilots sat next to?

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The Cash Me Ousside girl made headlines again for getting into a fight. But where?

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Who's grandma look bored af while watching them perform?

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Lorde apologised to which Riverdale star after giving them the cold shoulder a few years ago?

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J.K. Rowling got creeped out by a meme this week. What was so offensive about it?

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Which artist, to prevent a leak, sent Ed Sheeran their new song in a locked briefcase with an iPad inside?

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Which member of Trump's administration did Melissa McCarthy parody on SNL to rave reviews?

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What costumes were the Stranger Things kids wearing in their Super Bowl advert?

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