QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember 2017?

Were you paying attention this year?

Created by PopBuzz
On Dec 13, 2021
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Which model mainstay was conspicuously absent from this year's VS Fashion Show after a culturally insensitive video came to light early in the year?

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The Cash Me Outside girl surprised the internet when she transitioned from full time meme into which career?

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In 2017, DJ Khaled's infant son rose to internet prominence, amassing well over 1 million Instagram followers before his first birthday. What is his name?

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Name the "luxury" festival that turned into a complete nightmare for high-priced ticketholders in the Bahamas.

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Which actress played the title role in Patty Jenkins' record-breaking DC blockbuster, 'Wonder Woman' this year?

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Which 2 Hurricanes were responsible for devastating Puerto Rico as well as the Carribean and US Virgin Islands, leaving many without power or adequate food supplies?

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What month did Kendall Jenner's controversial pepsi ad drop?

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An American teen became the author of the most retweeted tweet of all time when he asked which fast food restaurant for a year of free chicken nuggets?

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Which singer/actress stepped into television producer mode for Netflix's hit teen drama "13 Reasons Why"?

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The scandal known as #envelopegate baffled the internet when which movie was INCORRECTLY announced as Best Picture at the 2017 Academy Awards?

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Who did People Magazine declare 2017's 'Sexiest Man Alive'?

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Name the Skarsgård brother who played "Pennywise" in this year's adaptation of 'It'.

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Anna Feris and Chris Pratt announced their separation during which summer month?

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