QUIZ: How Done With Xmas Are You, Really?

Over it or not over it?

Created By PopBuzz
On Dec 28, 2016

How much food have you eaten?

How much alcohol have you drunk?

Have you opened all your presents yet?

Have you enjoyed spending time with your family?

Are you still playing Xmas music?

Which game did you play the most this Xmas?

Choose a lump of coal.

Totally Done.

Totally Done.

You don't really like Christmas that much anyway but now you've had to endure a full month of festive activities, you are completely over it.

By now, the sight of tinsel makes you nauseous and if you see another turkey sandwich you'll probably throw up. It's time to take down the lights and throw anyway the unwanted presents and get back to normal life. AMEN.

I'm Kinda Over It But I Could Eat Another Turkey Sandwich

I'm Kinda Over It But I Could Eat Another Turkey Sandwich

You've enjoyed Christmas, even if it does seem to go on FOREVER. But you're also getting a little sick of spending so much time with your family and Christmas films aren't as good as you remembered.

The real problem is your addiction to turkey sandwiches. You're body has gotten used to eating as much cheese and chocolate as you like and you know you should stop but the fridge keeps calling you back for more.

That's okay. Most people feel like this. Remember you will be able to do it all again next year.

I Really Do Wish It Was Xmas Every Day

I Really Do Wish It Was Xmas Every Day

You are in the worst 1% of the population for whom Christmas should never end. You could literally do the whole thing, day after day, for the next 365. You are completely mad for it.

The problem is that you will soon have to say goodbye to Christmas. You can't continue to live your life in a make shift grotto. There is more to life. So put the santa hat down, turn off the Xmas music and stop watching Elf on repeat. It's time to move on with your life (until next December!)