QUIZ: Are You The Sean Spicer Of Your Friendship Group?

READ: Are you full of bullshit? Time to find out!

Created by PopBuzz
On Jan 23, 2017

Have you lied today?

Someone asks you, 'how do I look?', and you think they look terrible. How do you respond?

What is a fact?

You’ve stopped liking your boyfriend. You break up by saying:

Lying is...

Have you ever lied about your love life to impress people?

You're running late to meet a friend because you've been reading fanfic again. You text them to say...

Pick an alternative fact.

You're A Full Rack Of Sean Spicer

You're A Full Rack Of Sean Spicer

Uh oh! Unfortunately you've got a reputation for lying and therefore you are full Sean Spicer. Take comfort in the knowledge that your ability to lie and deceive can get you one of the top jobs in the White House! We're expecting big things from you in 2017 bbz!

You've Got A Little Sean Spicer Insider You

You've Got A Little Sean Spicer Insider You

And that's never good thing.

You're got a propensity for bullshit but you generally try to keep it all in check. Old habits die hard though so don't worry if the odd lie slips out. We live in the post-truth world now, hun. Who fucking cares?

Mo' Spicer, Mo' Problems

Mo' Spicer, Mo' Problems

You have a healthy relationship with the truth i.e. you don't lie and you have a basic understanding of what a 'fact' is. Good for you but don't expect anything good to come of this. Honesty is like so 2016.