Is This A Line From "Girl Online On Tour" Or "Binge"?

Both books are out today- but can you tell them apart?

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On Mar 29, 2017
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"I am knee-deep in leopard print wallpaper."

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"I could see the weight lifting off his shoulders, as if now, having said those words out loud he was finally, literally unburdened"

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"I put my hand in his and they fit together perfectly, like a jigsaw"

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"I'm in the city I love with the guy I love, could it get any more perfect?"

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"I was so heart-eyes emoji"

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"I feel a tightness grip my throat as I realise this conversation has very quickly become serious"

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"We were stuck there, in that moment, with only each other"

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"Decked out in all green, I leaped towards the front door, eager for my night to begin"

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"It's exactly like something from a movie, a scene where everything is happening in slow motion"

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"So much promise and anticipation seems to have spiralled into all of this. It's a runaway train I can't control"

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