Could You Surive Going On Tour With Fall Out Boy?

Fall Out Boy are heading back on the road soon. It's probably going to be a wild ride. Could you survive going on tour with them?

Created By PopBuzz
On Mar 29, 2017

You arrive at the tour bus to kick off the first leg. How do you celebrate your first night?

A bunch of equipment goes missing from the tour bus and you think you may have accidentally left the door unlocked for some thieves. How do you fix the situation?

Halfway through their set, Pete breaks his wrist. Luckily you know all the bass parts to every Fall Out Boy song. What do you do?

Joe is a notoriously bad cook but, as you're walking back to your bunk, he sees you and offers you a home made enchilada. Do you accept?

Patrick likes your voice and suggests a duet. What do you perform with him?

You're being hazed hardcore by the other opening act. What do you do?

Mid show, you forget the lyrics to one of your most popular songs. How do you recover?

Fall Out Boy make a vague request for take out food. You don't know them very well but you must order dinner. What do you go for?

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You survived!

You survived!

Congratulations! You made it to the end of the tour. Fall Out Boy loved you so much that they want you back on the next tour. You've got everything they could possibly want in a tour mate.

You made it to the end of the tour--barely!

You made it to the end of the tour--barely!

You made it! You managed to avoid any MAJOR blunders but you're probably not going to be invited back for the next tour. Maybe Panic! At The Disco have got a tour slot opening...

You were kicked off the tour half way through :(

You were kicked off the tour half way through :(

Oops! You got kicked off the tour early. You that it would be a piece of cake but something about you rubbed the boys the wrong way (hopefully not literally). Better luck next time.