QUIZ: Can You Remember What The Fuck Happened This Week?

It's been a mad one, as usual...

Created by PopBuzz
On Mar 29, 2017
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Beyonce announced something this week...what was it?

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Which Disney website announced it was closing down and shattered the hearts of millions in the process?

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Tyler Joseph tweeted Josh Dun's "height". What was it?

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The 1975 announced they were headlining a HUGE hometown festival. Which one was it?

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Donald Trump used his National Prayer Breakfast speech to ask us all to pray for someone. Who?

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Which porn site has launched it's own sexual health website?

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Which departed member of Paramore confirmed they're re-joining the band?

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Which member of Little Mix was allegedly photoshopped in the new video for 'Touch'?

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SaltBae salted a very famous customer's meal this week, who was it?

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And finally, Patrick Stump announced a new solo single. What's it called?

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