Are you more VSCO Girl or TikTok eGirl?

Created by PopBuzz
On Jul 19, 2020
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What item would you never leave the house without?

Pick a chapstick flavour

It’s now 4 months later… do you still own the same chapstick?

Choose one:

You’re only allowed to shop in one brand for the rest of your life, which one do you choose?

Delete ONE of these artist's entire discography from existence

Honestly, what’s more important to you? Clout or saving the ocean?

You go to the store but there’s no Fjällräven backpacks left… What! Do! You! Do?

What are you having for breakfast today?

Someone just sent you a text! What do you reply?



And I OOP! You're a VSCO Girl through and though. You can't sleep at night until you've told at least 5 people that the turtles needs to be saved. Every picture on your Instagram grid has a filter on it and right now, you've probably got a scrunchie or one of those spiral hairties on your wrist. Skskskskks!



Oh, you're an eGirl for! sure! Either your hair is already dyed some sort of colour OR you've been thinking about doing it for a while. You don't leave the house without a bold lip, eyeshadow, a sharp wing and clips in your hair. Your music taste is exclusively Sad Girl™ themed and honestly? If it ain't emo, it ain't you.

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What item would you never leave the house without?

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