Can You Guess The Pop-Punk Star From Their Tattoos?

Some of the coolest men (and women) of pop-punk tend to come with the coolest tattoos attached. But how well can you recognise your faves from their body art? Quiz on and find out...

Created By PopBuzz
On Mar 29, 2017
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Who got this matching wrist tattoo with their boo?

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Who's repping their favorite tour behind their ear?

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Whose top half is a good place to hang out if you're a skull or a rose?

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Whose ENTIRE torso is covered in this iconic ink?

5 / 10

Whose arm is wrapped in some cool bands?

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Who's got this nifty piano on their forearm?

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Which two bandmates both got the Blink-182 bunny inked on them?

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Who's rocking Jack Skellington on one arm and Howl's Moving Castle on the other?

9 / 10

Who's sporting a rose with T.E.G. on their hand?

10 / 10

Who's got this terrifying thing all over their back?

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