President Trump claims to have dirt on Senator

The TMZ presidency continues

MICHIGAN - At a rally in Michigan over the weekend, President Trump went full reality TV with his attack on Democratic Sen. Jon Tester of Montana.

President Trump stated of Tester that, "I know things about the senator I can say, too. If I said them, he would never be elected again."

Trump is angry with Sen. Jon Tester for his part in the release of a memo highlighting allegations against Ronny Jackson.

Ronny Jackson was President Trump's nominee to lead the VA, before whistleblowers brought up a number of concerns that prompted the release of said memo.

As expected, President Trump ans failed to back up any of his claims that could potentially end the career of Sen. Jon Tester.

The White House offered no details on what Trump apparently knows and there are no reports suggesting any bombshell in th media.

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