This German Man Helped Save Another Driver By Crashing His Own Car

When Manfred Kick noticed another car on the autobahn swerving uncontrollably and realized the driver had lost consciousness, he crashed his own car into the other one to prevent a fatal accident. Find out more here!

Poe Dameron
Created By Poe Dameron
On Feb 16, 2017
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Manfred Kick was driving on the autobahn in Germany when he realized that another driver on the road had lost consciousness and control of their vehicle. Most people would have tried to break to avoid the other car or simply dialed the police to alert them to the danger. But Kick jumped into action himself to help prevent a more severe accident from occurring.

Kick maneuvered his Tesla in front of the out-of-control Passat and began to slow down while he braced for impact. The VW eventually rear ended him and Kick was able to slow both of the vehicles down to a safe stop next to the guardrail. The other driver, who is now hospitalized and whose condition is still unknown, had apparently suffered a stroke on the road.

The controlled accident resulted in a total of about $10,600, but Tesla's CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that as a reward for Kick's bravery, the company will cover the cost of repairs.

But now, what we would like to know is...

Would you sacrifice your car and safety to save another driver?