How Long Could You Survive In A Zombie Apocalypse?

The easy days are gone. Back then, it use to be about what to wear for the day, watching our weight, or worrying about how much time was left until that meeting. That world is dead, replaced by a much more sinister one. A world more terrifying than anyone is willing to admit to themselves. The new world doesn't care who you were or what you did. All that matters is if you have what it takes to survive. Could you kill a family member? Could you turn away starving children? Could you survive?

On May 11, 2016

Lets start off easy. You first hear about the dead coming back to life. What do you do first?

So what's your mode of combat?

Your family is dead and you're the only one left. How do you react?

You're walking along the edge of a town when you come across two children who look like they haven't eaten in days. What do you do?

A group member and your brother/sister are in a argument until your family member attacks. The fight is done, but what now?

You stumble upon a family's camp at night. There's a mother, son, and father asleep with their supplies exposed. You...

You see a lone pregnant woman whose been bitten. She pleads for help. What now?

You are in an argument with another group member. You...

Zombies have cornered you. Only a few items are in reach.

Someone is cornered in a car with zombies all around them. You're the only person within miles.

You've run out of bullets. So what now?

There's a little girl, 9 years old, crying for her mother that's long dead. What do you do?

You've been scratched by a zombie. You...

You see a group of five mugging a small group of three. What do you do?

You have no food and have been without it for days.

And finally....You have to choose. You and your group are surrounded by zombies on all sides. You can jump down from your perch and distract them, but you will be mauled alive. Or, you can sacrifice another injured survivor to distract the zombies. You have a young adopted child to look after, but the man has a ten year old daughter.

1 week

1 week

Sadly, your choices have led you to only surviving a week once things get real. Maybe if the zombies were vegetarians and other people were friendly, then maybe you would have survived. But that's not how the world works. Work harder if you want to survive.

1 month

1 month

Once reality takes it's toll, you won't make it. When the lines go down and the power goes out, you're a sitting duck. Your inexperience in surviving will make you targets with both the dead and the living. Train more and you'll be better off.

6 months

6 months

Not bad! You know what your doing when it comes to surviving, but you could only go so far. The world just abused you over and over again until you couldn't fight anymore. If luck is on your side, you'll make it until order (if any) is restored. Good luck when the day comes, but hey, maybe you won't need luck after all.

1 year

1 year

You really know your stuff when it comes to the apocalypse! You're a valuable asset in a team and aren't afraid to get your hands dirty when you need to. You can think clearly under pressure and will most likely survive for a long time. Nice work!

3 years or more

3 years or more

You are one heck of a survivalist! You are a tough individual who can handle almost anything. Spread your zombie slaying skills to better prepare society for when the day comes! Luck isn't in your vocabulary and you play by your own rules. No one stands a chance against you without a gun. Nice!