Are You An Extrovert Or An Introvert?

Understand with this quiz!

Created By playbuzz
On Mar 29, 2017

You walk on the street. On the same street, you see a hot guy and he smiles to you. You:

Your crush is cheating on you. You:

You are on a camping. There appears a bear. You:

Would you prefer read or listen?

Which shade of colors do you prefer?

If you have a last meal, what should it be?

Are you an optimist,pessimist or realist?

Lastly, let the fate decide!



You are an extrovert! You are full with energy and love to communicate with people. You are honest and open personality. You like to be in company of people.



You avoid people and fear being surrounded. You like to be alone. You don't like to communicate with people. You are always going on quiet places.



You are in the happy medium. You are the perfect combination of quiet and loudly, being surrounded - alone, red and blue, black-white. And more important - the ideal combination of introvert and extrovert!