French Grand Prix

On its return to the F1 calendar, test your knowledge on the history of the French Grand Prix!

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On Jun 21, 2018
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Before this year's event, when was the last time the French Grand Prix was held?

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And who won that race?

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How many different circuits have hosted the French Grand Prix?

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Who has the most grand prix victories in France?

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When was the last Formula 1 race at Paul Ricard held?

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Who was the first Frenchman to take victory at his home grand prix?

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In what year did two drivers share the race victory, driving the same car to the win the race?

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Which French circuit hosted the Swiss Grand Prix in 1982?

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How many of the current drivers on the grid have raced at the French Grand Prix in the past?

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McLaren have won the French Grand Prix with how many different engine suppliers?

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