What's Your Interior Design Style?

Find out your true interior design identity with this in-depth quiz, then use our handy tips to make your inspiration come to life!

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On May 24, 2017

Where do you feel happiest?

Choose a pet you'd totally take home:

What would you pick at a restaurant?

Which shoes are you most likely to wear?

What's your favourite colour?

Which piece of furniture are you most likely to buy?

Which gift would you be the most excited to receive?

What's your favourite way to spend a morning?

Which piece of art are you most likely to have in your home?

What's your dream house?

Country Chic

Country Chic

Some may still be calling this style ‘shabby chic’, but girl that is so 2013. There is nothing shabby about a classic country cottage look!

Luxurious and elegant, while keeping it fresh and relaxed; it’s you in a nutshell, right? For this style, be sure to incorporate plenty of cream and pastel tones alongside warming wool and cotton fabrics - and a huge bunch of rose pink flowers of course!

Grab more info and design ideas at https://pixelpaint.co.nz/52-country-chic

Eclectic Chill

Eclectic Chill

You’re the kind of person who likes to collect interesting artefacts during your travels to faraway lands, and cherishes those items like the memories themselves. Having a home where guests walk through and ask about the stories behind your furnishings makes you happier than any empty, minimal sideboard ever could!

PS. I hope you’re remembering to water all those plants in that jungle of yours!

Grab more info & design ideas at https://pixelpaint.co.nz/48-eclectic-chill

Hollywood Luxe

Hollywood Luxe

Gilded golds and deep, rich purples and blues are your thing; anything that says royalty or I may have somewhat expensive tastes.

It’s totally doable on a budget though, as long as you don’t mind a faux chandelier or two! Just stick to classic rather than chintzy and go easy on the velvet…

Grab more info & design ideas at https://pixelpaint.co.nz/47-hollywood-luxe

Mastered Minimalism

Mastered Minimalism

There’s something so calming about a strict lack of clutter and bare open spaces; it’s tranquility on another level! Bare counter tops and clever storage solutions are key to creating the greatest breathing space in which to focus on things more important than material possessions.

Monochrome black, white and grey furnishings and artwork bring uniformity to the room, so you can sleep, work and play peacefully within minimal distractions.

Grab more info & design ideas at https://pixelpaint.co.nz/46-mastered-minimalism

Rustic Scandi

Rustic Scandi

It’s all about earthy, natural tones with this look; birch, olivewood and walnut are the favourites. Contrast with soft grey and white textures in the form of thick fur throws and knitted blankets, and you’re onto a winner. Add freshness with a pop of green in the form of a super easy-to-care-for palm or cactus!

If you can grab yourself a casual pair of antlers to hang on the wall then that’s a bonus obviously...

Get more info & design ideas at: https://pixelpaint.co.nz/53-rustic-scandi

Urban Creative

Urban Creative

Imagine a loft apartment with sky-high ceilings, bare brick walls and enourmous black-frame windows - it’s the ultimate dream home! Unfinished hardwood and raw concrete floors smattered with paint droplets from an incomplete masterpiece hanging in a vast space above the bed…

Now snap outta that daydream and don’t be late for that new street art exhibition down the road!

Grab more info & design ideas at https://pixelpaint.co.nz/51-urban-creative

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