Can You Name The World's Largest Dog Breeds?

They’re not fat, they’re just big boned! From paws to head, and chest to tail, these 10 dog breeds are among the biggest canines on earth. Are you a heavyweight when it comes to guessing the names of these husky pooches?
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On Jul 12, 2017
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Did you know that this gentle giant is a great fit for dog lovers who live in condos? It’s true – just give them a couch to crash on and they are as happy as a clam!

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Once upon a time, the British used these dogs to guard their estates and castles, letting them loose at night to keep intruders away.

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This dog has been celebrated throughout Celtic history for its hunting prowess, particularly of elk and other giant quarry. At the time, only nobility were allowed to own these tall pooches.

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Another Celtic breed, these dogs were specially bred to hunt stag and so coveted that the breed was nearly wiped out by the desire for exclusive ownership.

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These Canadian dogs are at home as much in the water as on dry land. Because of their suimming abilities, this breed was used to bring in fishermen nets, carry boat lines to shore and retrieve cargo and people that fell overboard.

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If you’ve ever owned one of these dogs, you’ll know their capacity to drool! In fact, you can see how much slobber their capable of if you watch the movie “Turner and Hooch.”

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This Italian breed is a direct descendent of the Roman war dogs of the 1st Century A.D. Today, they enjoy a life as a loyal companion to lucky families everywhere.

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This big softy was bred to protect members of the flock he guarded, while also nurturing and caring for animals. Because he’s used to guarding at night, this breed is naturally nocturnal.

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This breed is one of four Sennenhund types, which are working dogs that originated in the Swiss Alps.

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Big, highly trainable, able to scare off intruders: All of these traits describe so many large dogs, but they were especially desirable in this breed used by the military throughout the Soviet Union and beyond.

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