Top 10 Saddest Walking Dead Moments *Contains SPOILERS*

Watch out for SPOILERS. You've been warned. :)

Created by Pepe
On Mar 29, 2017

Negan Kills Glenn and Abraham.

Heart-wrenching. To comic book readers it wasn't a surprise when Glenn was killed, but it STILL left everyone SHOOK! Abraham was a complete surprise - seeing as he isn't "lucilled" by Negan in the comics.


"Look at the flowers, Lizzie." - Carol Realizes She Has To Kill Lizzie

Young Lizzie, who still hasn't grasped the concept of zombies, kills her younger sister, Mika, wanting to prove she'll come back. Before she can kill baby Judith, Carol makes her face away and shoots her in tears. This moment left the fandom speechless.


Maggie's Shock and Denial Post Glenn's Death

Hours after Glenn is killed, a very pregnant Maggie kneels next to his destroyed body. Rick tries to move her and she says, "No. You need to go get ready... To fight them." It really pulls at the heart strings.


Hershel’s Beheading

Hershel was a no nonsense type of guy in the beginning, but really helped out all of the characters in the series when the time called. He also gave incredible advice. Seeing him get beheaded in front of his family was devastating.


Daryl Sees Walker-Merle

Even though Merle was awful, he was on a nice redemption arc. What broke everyone's heart was seeing Daryl's reaction to his brother becoming a walker, realizing he had to kill him.


Dale’s Death

Carl accidentally let out a walker and it attacked The Walking Dead's beloved character, Dale. What was so upsetting about it was that no one in the group could help him because the walker attacked him in such a brutal way.


Andrea's Death

Just when she was starting to grow on everyone she was unfortunately bitten in Woodbury. She and Michonne had created such a bond it was sad to see her go and to see Michonne in so much pain.


Nicholas Kills Himself, Leaving Glenn Alone

This definitely was a shock to everyone! Nicholas was having such a difficult time trying to live with the choices he had made. Glenn supported him and helped him in so many ways. When cornered on a dumpster and out of ammo, Nick says, "Thank you" to Glenn before ending his life. This sent everyone in to a frenzy for a couple of weeks because Glenn's status was unknown!


Sophia Steps Out Of The Barn

A big part of the beginning of season 2 of the Walking Dead was the group looking for Carol's daughter, Sophia. By the time they found Sophia she was a walker. The disappointment and grief on Carol's face was the same as everyone watching.


Rick Learns Lori Is Dead

First, Carl killing Lori, his own mother, was heart breaking in itself. She had just been cut open for a c-section by Maggie and lost a ton of blood. Carl non-verbally breaks the news to Rick and Rick flips out. Rick's reaction makes the tears flow all over again.


Bonus: Eugene Reveals He's Been Lying About DC

There isn't a literal death involved in this one, but the temporary death of everyone's hopes and dreams. Eugene reveals he's not only been lying about a cure to the new group that took him under their wing, but also those closest to him, Rosita and Abraham. It sucked to watch and realize the characters were back at square one.