Are You Smarter Than A Chimp?

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Created by Pepe
On Jul 9, 2020

Take a look at these squares. Memorize them.

Which color was in the middle?

Take a look, let it sink in.

What placement was the lime green square?

Take a second and study this one.

How many pink squares were there?

Study this one.

Which color appeared twice?

Take a quick look at this one.

All of the squares were the same size.

Memorize these colors.

List the order of the squares.

Memorize these colors.

Hats off!! You are definitely smarter than a chimp!

Hats off!! You are definitely smarter than a chimp!

Congratulations!! You are smarter than a chimp! You have a great memory - you're that person who always remembers everything. Share your results and challenge a friend!

Failed :(

Failed :(

You aren't detailed oriented, instead you're more of a big picture type of person! You don't focus on the small details when being told a story or even when you're telling a story yourself. You're the person among your group of friends who can remember the month someone was born in, but not the day. Share the news with a friend!

You ARE a chimp!

You ARE a chimp!

You did just about the same as a chimp! You're detailed orientated, but you know when to shut it off and focus on the big picture. You're bad with dates, but when you associate a memory with it everything comes rushing back to you. :) Share the news with a friend!

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