13 Subtle Social Signs He's Into You

Much like women, men don't neccesarily say what they feel as they feel it. But guys don't have to say all that much to show you what they're actually thinking.

Penelope Green
Created by Penelope Green
On Jul 8, 2015

He texts you back as soon as he gets your message

OK, so there are times that he's ACTUALLY in a meeting, but every time you get in touch he responds immediately. Do you know how easy it is to ignore messages you don't care about? VERY easy!


He decreases personal space

When you show him something on the computer and he leans in closer than usual; enough to feel your presence without touching, he's totally digging your vibes!


He makes random references to things that you said in the past

Like that time he remembered that you don't like yellow Skittles - it shows that he listens! Boys tend to mute out things that bore them. *Sign!*


He makes eye contact

If he holds his gaze while you're talking, he wants you to know that he's really interested in what you have to say. Look at those beautiful lashes...


He teases you

When he teases you, and only you, you know that the you're playing in the major sandbox crush antics league.


He subtly comments on other women

In a negative way! "I hate when girls push up their tits like that girl does" - Read: "You have a lovely rack"


He looks for your face in the crowd

If you catch him looking for you in a room full of people, he's either checking you out, or he's really into you. Either way, WINNER!


He compliments you in public

Subtle but poignant. He wants you to know that he thinks you're amazing, and he wants everyone in the room to know it too!


He singles you out

Which his way of getting your undivided attention


He looks for any excuse to touch you

Including hugs, consolation pats, tender moments, back, shoulder & hand strokes. He's into you!


He asks about your past relationships

That's his way of figuring out if you're single, and if you are then how long have you been single for? Is he going to be the rebound guy or your soulmate? You decide!


He finds ways to talk to you

Facebook? Twitter? Snapchat? Instagram? Whatsapp? If you find him interacting with you in any way that he can (as long as it's in a subtle and non-creepy way) he is falling for you hard!


He acts totally different with you than he does with other people

That's the ultimate giveaway. When he starts acting weird or funny or goofy around you, it means that he feels comfortable being himself with you. Pick up the phone gurl, you got yo self a date!