The hardest Pulp Fiction quiz you will take

It's over 20 years since the cinema release of Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece, but how big of a fan are you? Take our brain-teasing quiz!

Pearl and Dean
On Oct 13, 2016
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Which book of the bible does Jules' famous speech come from?

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What does Marsellus Wallace have on the back of his neck?

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The thrid chapter is titled: "The _______ situation"?

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What does Honey Bunny call her diner robbery accomplice?

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Which other Tarantino character did the director state was the brother of Vincent?

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What is the failed TV pilot that Mia Wallace acted in?

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What is the name of the '50s themed diner that Vincent takes Mia Wallace have dinner?

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With what tools does Marsellus Wallace promise he's going to 'go to work' on Zed?

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Which Pulp Fiction actor received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for their role?

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What is the name of the guy that Vincent Vega accidentally shoots in the face?

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