Snatch, Lock Stock, Sherlock Holmes - how well do you know Guy Ritchie's films?

Guy Ritchie has brought us many great action-packed, gun-toting gangster films in the past twenty years. If you call yourself a fan, then you're going to get every one of these right...

Pearl and Dean
On Aug 25, 2016
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Who runs Snatch's bare-knuckle boxing fights?

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Which member of the Lock Stock gang loses the group's money at 'Hatchet' Harry's card game?

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What was the name of the 2011 sequel to Sherlock Holmes?

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In which disappointing romantic comedy did Ritchie direct his then-wife Madonna?

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Which of these British actors DIDN'T appear in RocknRolla?

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On which London landmark does Sherlock Holmes' climactic fight take place?

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Which famous actor plays the gang boss in Revolver?

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Ritchie's The Man from U.N.C.L.E. remake was set during which war?

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Which of these isn't a line from Snatch's Brick Top?

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What is the name of the gang featuring One-Two and Mumbles in RocknRolla?

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