Stasi Quiz

A quiz on the history of the East German secret police

Paul Vale
Created by Paul Vale
On Jan 8, 2016
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What German word 'Stasi' stands for what

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What year was the Stasi created?

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What was the name of Richard Burton's character who tried to escape East Berlin in 'The Spy Who Came In From The Cold'?

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US pilot Francis Gary Powers was exchanged for KGB spy Rudolf Abel on which German bridge?

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Who was the first Minister for State Security of the German Democratic Republic?

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The former Stasi headquarters in Berlin is currently used for what?

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Who was the last head of the Stasi?

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This picture is taken from which Cold War film set in East Berlin?

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How many people did the Stasi employ full time in 1989?

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The Stasi perfected a technique of psychological harassment. What was it called?

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