Wax: Better Than Shaving – Top Five Reasons That Shout Yes

Paul Ortiz
Created by Paul Ortiz
On May 21, 2018
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You sure must have dreamt of having a smooth skin that feels like silk. The idea of touching arms that are softer than a feather and flaunting legs that are perfectly hairless is quite desirable. There is no doubt that a modern new-age woman loves to keep herself hairless. Regardless of what part of the body you talk about, hair removal is a regular task. If you are confused between waxing and shaving, here are the best five reasons why you should take regular waxing sessions and forget the blade.
Re-grown hair is softer after wax
In a professional salon, they use moderately heated wax in a hard wax warmer. Though it is not a smooth sailing, especially for first-timers, the best part of undergoing waxing is you can rest assured for softer re-grown hair. Once you shave hair, you will notice that the next growth of hair which reappears after a couple of days is blunt and hard. No matter what quality of razor you use, this is a typical disadvantage of shaving. Not all of us like blunt edgy hair tips over our arms, do we? On the other hand, waxing results are softer not only in terms of the hairless skin but also soft-ended and tapered re-growing hair.
Waxing pulls out hair from the roots
If you are still not very convinced about choosing to wax over shaving, you must know this. When the waxing expert heats the wax in a double wax warmer, applies it over your hairy skin and rips it off, the whacky pain it causes is because the wax is pulling out the hair from its roots. The direction of pull is in the opposite of the hair growth. Though the hair is not removed permanently from the roots, it won’t re-appear for a good three weeks on an average. This time period can vary from two to six weeks though, depending on what kind of hair you possess and its thickness.
Shaving is sans the pain but cuts hair only from the skin. So, naturally, the hair start showing again with five to seven days. Though shaving serves the purpose of fast and painless hair removal, the re-appearance is also quicker making the shaving session a necessity every week which is quite time-consuming.
Long Lasting effects with waxing
Ultimately, all of you ladies want a permanent method of hair removal or at least some way to slow down the hair growth pace. Waxing professionals have noticed a slow but steady reduction in hair growth in regular clients who use waxing as their patent method of hair removal every month. The hair not only starts showing over a more widespread period but also tends to get thinner.
Shaving, on the vice versa, does not cause any changes in the hair turnaround speed as it shaves the hair from the skin surface only. Maybe, it costs you just a few minutes to shave off your legs, but remember, you will have to do it the entire summers year after year! So, the next time you get yourself waxed, you can totally rely on the waxing technician and her professional hard wax warmer to bid goodbye to unwanted hair for a pretty long time.
No more cuts and itching
The more you shave, the harder your hair becomes. What comes free along with the blunt and hard hair is cut bruised skin. All of you who have shaved even once in one of those emergency situations must have experienced the cuts that the sharp razor causes. Even with the best shaving creams and soaps, the sharp-ended razor blade sometimes wades in and cuts more than just the hair. The thin-skinned people might end up with more cuts than usual. The sad part is the cut ultimately stops bleeding after a few minutes but leaves a scar that shows in the early days after shaving, thus making it more noticeable than before.
Waxing doesn’t create any such chance of cuts and bruises. You should select a good salon where the best professional wax warmer is used to melt the wax. As the waxing strips pull out your hair from the roots, it may leave your skin a little red but definitely without cuts. The redness is usually temporary and resolves by the time you move out of the salon. Waxing leaves your skin supple and soft, completely free of itching too. The best wax products treat your skin with utmost care and there are no chances of pigmentation too.
Choose from a wide variety of waxes
If you are worried about how to get rid of small facial hair or hair removal from the more delicate private parts like the bikini areas, you can choose the most appropriate wax according to your salon specialist. The waxing industry has grown all the way and now specialises in various wax forms like perfumed wax, bikini wax, hard or soft wax and many more. For the best outcomes, it is totally important to discuss the kind of wax best suited for your skin and hair type and the area that you need to get waxed. Shaving does not offer such a good and appropriate choice of razor.
So, the age-old question has always been quite confusing, whether to use waxing or shaving as the better option of hair removal. For now, it should be easier to decide for waxing against shaving. With so many advantages, the procedure involved in waxing is quite beneficial in the short as well as long run. You only need to invest a little more time in waxing. But, nevertheless, the investment is an advantage for women who want to have a flawless and hairless skin.
So, fix up your appointment with your waxing salon professional, discuss your requirements and go for it. Do not forget to clarify your doubts before starting with the waxing session. In the best of your interest and for the ultimate skin hair removal results, waxing should be your choice. A little pain would give you a lot of gains!