Quiz: On a Scale of 1 to Chingona, How Badass are You?

Just how much ass do you really kick? Find out once and for all.

mitú Staff
Created By mitú Staff
On Jan 15, 2016

You care what people think about you:

You see a friend getting bullied. You:

No one would dare pick a fight with you:

People always seem to be copying your style.

Somewhere along the way you've had a drink named after you.

How well do you know yourself?

You can't stand injustice.

Pick one:

You're walking down the street and see someone injured and yelling for help. You:

Your friend's boyfriend is seriously mistreating her. You:

Your worst frenemy makes a catty comment about your shoes. You:

The Most Badass of Them All

The Most Badass of Them All

You are a badass's badass. The queen of cool. An untouchable. Your friends look to you as the gold standard of awesome. They take style, attitude and life cues from you. People admire your bravery, strength of character and finesse.

The Classic Badass

The Classic Badass

Yep, you're a badass. Okay, you're not driving motorcycles off of cliffs and throwing back tequila shots, but you bring a badass attitude to your everyday life that friends and family members find, well, inspiring. You don't take crap from anybody and you don't let anybody give crap to the people you love. You know who you are and make no apologies.

Badass in Training

Badass in Training

Who are you kidding? You're not the badass of the year. You'd rather be safe than sorry and would rather stay in watching Netflix than do keg stands all night at a party you crashed. You feel no need to take risks for the sake of looking cool. You're not vying for the 'most likely to kick ass' award, but you may want to learn to stand up for yourself and others.