What Type Of Dumb Are You Really?

We're all dumb in our own *special* way. Which one is yours?

Patrice Parker
On Mar 29, 2017

When you stand in front of the mirror, which is your *real* left hand?

London is a country.

Billy wants to buy 4 apples. Each apple is 1$. How much money does Billy need?

Click on the parallelogram:

Who is the main character of "Harry Potter"?

Can you lick your own elbow?

Can you lose your virginity if you fall down hard?

When ringing, an alarm clock is going:

This is Liam Hemsworth. He is a(n):

You're on a date, and the other person asks you if you want to go to their place for coffee. This is a:

Which animal has the best memory?

How many remotes do you currently have on your living room table?

Monaco is in:

Culturally Dumb

Culturally Dumb

You are very smart and knowledgeable, but you are 100% culturally dumb!

You have no idea who Taylor Swift is, the last time you danced to a pop sensation was sometime in the 90's when the Macarena dominated the charts, and the last TV show that aired on your screen was The Simpsons.
When it comes to current culture, you might as well be living on Mars.
You only care about a few precious things in your life, and everything else is invisible.
You would rather focus all your energy on things that really matter (according to you), than have the attention span of a 15 year old teen.

Our advice: try to leave a door open for a cultural influence at least once a week, we know it's not in your schedule, but we just KNOW you'll love exploring new things.

Try listening to "Bad Blood", It's a great song.

Romantically Dumb

Romantically Dumb

We are sorry to be the ones to tell you this, but you suffering from a condition called "Romantically Dumb".

The symptoms: A past of bad relationship choices, some crappy romantic memories, and a box filled with gifts from past lovers that you just can't throw away (and you don't know why).

The cause: Basically, you have no idea what you're looking for in a romantic relationship. Are you looking for someone that would love you unconditionally? Someone that would challenge you? Someone that would make you laugh? Maybe all of the above?

The solution: Before you embark on your next relationship, take a big chunk of time off and get to know YOURSELF better. Find out which aspects of your life you love, which you don't, and how you can improve them. Once you get most of that figured out, you'll be able to know what it is you're looking for in a relationship.

Scientifically Dumb

Scientifically Dumb

So, what does "Scientifically Dumb" mean?

First of all, calm down, you're not stupid. The complete opposite is true.
You are SO smart, that you invest all of your energy on your quest for knowledge, that you abandon all the other aspects of life.
You have never been in a truly meaningful relationship, you feel awkward in social situations, and you have no idea what "Breaking Bad" is.

Our advice: Try to open your mind to MORE aspects of life. Try going out from time to time, meet new people. And if the thought of that scared you - GOOD! You need to challenge yourself.
Break every wall you've built between yourself and the rest of the world and explore. It's the best thing you can do for yourself.

You're A Genius! For Real!!

You're A Genius! For Real!!

Ok, is this some kind of joke?
Here we are, trying to figure out what type of dumb people are, and YOU come in and excel at every question!
This is highly irregular and we have never encountered a person like you in a test like this before.

Your test results show that on top of your "book smart" knowledge, you are also extremely open to new challenges, you are friendly, patient, and you have a knack for helping others.

We are very sorry, but you do not belong in a quiz like this. Go take our "What is Your IQ?" test. It fits you better.

Street Dumb

Street Dumb

You are what we call "Street Dumb"!

You have excelled at every test you've ever taken, but you have no idea how to take on the real world.
How do you spark up a conversation with a stranger? Where would you go on a date? and how can you spice up your wardrobe??

We highly recommend that you try to expand you horizons, keep your mind open to new possibilities, and say "Yes" to every new experience. We're sure your "street cred" will go up in no time!

The Lazy Kind of Dumb

The Lazy Kind of Dumb

What can we tell you that you don't already know? You're lazy.

You are probably not even reading this text. But on the off chance you are, we have some words for you.
Your test results show that you are a very smart person with a big potential, but you're just not doing anything with it.
You should get off your couch more and explore the world! Challenge yourself! See new people, try new things, basically do all the things you said you'll do tomorrow.