Answer These Questions And We'll Tell If You're A True NFL Die-Hard Fan

For some, being a fan is more than just watching the game on Sunday

Orr Ziv
Created By Orr Ziv
On Nov 8, 2017

Gametime is 4:25 PM. You're at the stadium at...

Your teams star running back just broke his leg. How do you react?

How'd you feel if your team had a 10-year run of losing seasons?

The team just drafted a new QB in the 1st round. What do you do?

It's halftime. What are you doing?

How often do you read/watch the latest news about your team?

Your team's in the Super Bowl. What're your plans for the game?

You want to treat your kids with a day out. Where do you take 'em?

How do you drink your beer on gameday?

Your best friend invited you to his wedding, but it's the same day as the Conference Championship game. What do you do?

Bandwagon hopper

Bandwagon hopper

You're only following your team when it's comfortable - when they're winning. Heck, you don't even mind switching sides when the goings get tough

Solid fan

Solid fan

You love your team, but you make sure it doesn't take over your life. You attend a couple games every year, host watching parties and read the beat news, but that's it

Ball is life

Ball is life

You're as die-hard as they come. You named your children after legendary quarterbacks, you own every possible piece of team apparel and know where every player lives. Not that there's something wrong about it...