Can You Identify The Drivers In These Epic NASCAR Crashes?

We're just a month into the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season! Can you guess the drivers involved in the these epic crashes over the last several decades? Brought to you by

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On Mar 29, 2017
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This driver won 8 of the 74 races in which he participated during the 2009 Corona Series, though his last race, in Puebla, proved fatal. Who was the driver?

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This was the first of two major crashes at Bristol between 1990 and 2002. Who was the driver?

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This 2002 crash at Bristol happened during practice, practically obliterating this drivers' car.

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How many drivers were involved in the biggest NASCAR wreck in history?

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All he ever wanted was help from Tom Cruise. Who is it?

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This driver earned the nickname "Fireball", seen here crashing at the 1964 World 600. The crash left this driver covered in burns, which led to his death in July of the same year. Who was the driver?

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This crash resulted in the death of one of NASCAR's most popular figures. Who started the crash?

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This wreck at Talladega in 1987 sent this drivers' car airborne, crashing into the fence. Who was the driver?

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This driver drove a Toyota that flipped eight times before coming to a halt in a 2008 qualifying race.

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This wreck sent car debris flying into the stands, sending two women to the hospital. Who crashed?

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He won 18 races during the 1970 NASCAR Grand National season. He's shown here flipped over at Darlington in 1970.

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