Where in the world are these famous arches?

The Arc de Triomphe is 180 years old. But which other famous arches are you familiar with?

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On Jul 29, 2016
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Let's start with a question about the Arc de Triomphe. Who is buried beneath it?

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What's the name of this building in London?

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This is Rua Augusta Arch - but in which capital is it located?

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This ancient arch is one of the star attractions at Leptis Magna. To which country does the Roman site belong?

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The Gateway Arch is far more modern. But where is it?

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Where is India Gate, unveiled in 1931?

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This arch sits in the shadow of the Colosseum. Which Roman emperor is it named after?

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The Patuxai war memorial is found in the city of Vientiane. But where is Vientiane?

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Which European capital is home to this triple arch?

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Which US president is this arch in Yellowstone National Park named after?

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Bab Bou Jeloud leads to the medina in which Moroccan city?

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And finally... Where is this?

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