Which Game of Thrones Character Are You According To Your Myers-Briggs Type?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tells us a lot about our personalities and the way they work. But do you function more like Tyrion or like Olenna Tyrell? Are you extraverted like Margaery or introverted like Sansa? See who you're most like here!

Amy Sharpe
Created By Amy Sharpe
On Jan 17, 2017
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ISTJs are most like Eddard Stark. You value the law highly and you would do anything to protect it, just like you would go to any length to protect your family. You would much rather keep to yourself and your own, but your sense of duty compels you onward and upward.

ISFJs are motivated by a strong sense of loyalty and a deep passion for protecting the people they care about. They will stop at nothing to keep their loved ones from harm and keep their promises to them.

INFJs are strongly attuned to the feelings of people around them and also have an intense personal moral code that they adhere to. Above all, they are true to themselves and will do what they believe to be right.

INTJs are cunning and have a memory like a steel trap, which really comes in handy when keeping tabs on everyone around you. The INTJ is a strong critical thinker always three steps ahead of everyone else.

ISTPs are very wary of what's going on around them. They often have a sharp and clear sense of their surroundings and how they can use them to their advantage. They're talented improvisers.

ISFPs think concretely about the world around them, but they also base their decisions on what they feel to be true. This means that ISFPs are very grounded but also very committed to the people they care about.

INFPs, much like Sansa, are highly sensitive to the needs and feelings of others and must be careful to guard themselves, lest their caring get them into trouble. But their ability to empathize with others is also what makes them such wonderful friends.

INTPs have a tremendous capacity for finding new ways at every turn to make the most of a situation. Not easily thwarted, INTPs are brilliantly quick thinkers and do their best strategizing in the moment.

ESTPs are very quick witted but also highly practical people. They're not afraid to ask for what they need and they're not afraid of sharing a load to get done what needs to be done.

ESFPs know how to get the most out of life, out of their relationships, out of the world around them. They're also very generous and will always look for new ways to make the world a better place.

Ah, the things an ENFP will do for love. ENFPs are often big romantics, but mostly they're just at their best in any relationship and will do anything for the people they care about.

ENTPs are extremely witty and the life of the party. They're also brilliant strategists. Their passion for the things they care about is unquenchable and their charisma will suck you in every time.

ESTJs are natural leaders, logical and methodical, with their tribe in mind. That doesn't preclude them from having big hearts for their favorite people, though.

ESFJs are great leaders, but in spite of being brilliant in crowds, their primary concern will always be for their loved ones. They will stop at nothing to do what they think is best for the people they care about.

ENFJs are compassionate leaders with hearts for the people in the world around them. They are sensitive to the feelings of the people they love and want nothing more than to please the people they care about. (Although, that does not necessarily mean they are devoid of ambition.)

ENTJs are cunning above all else. They are often excellent actors and have a knack for playing the trickster. Highly logical, the ENTJ sees the big picture and then decides how to turn it to their advantage.

Which character were you? Do you think there are other characters that better match your MBTI? Talk to us about it in the comments below and share with your friends to see which GoT character they're most like!