How Easily Distracted Are You?

Distraction is the enemy of greatness; it is hardly possible to perform at your best or master a new skill when there are lots of distractions around. However, not all people are equally vulnerable to the ruining power of distraction. Some of us can easily resist it, while others fall for interruption given half a chance. Find out what kind of person you are.

Oksana Tunikova
On Jan 22, 2018

What does your working space look like?

Which phone mode is your favorite?

How many coffee breaks do you take daily?

Do you have an extremely chatty colleague?

How would you assess the noise level at your workplace?

Do you keep your phone in sight while working?

Do you have access to your social media accounts from a corporate computer?

Do you rely on productivity apps to stay focused while at work?

How many tabs are open on your browser simultaneously?

Have you ever found yourself watching Netflix and scrolling your Facebook feed at the same time?

Do you have an ad blocker?

What do you think about push notifications?

Distraction Victim

Distraction Victim

Bad news here. It seems like distractions play an important role in your life and keep you from living life to its fullest. You need to educate yourself on the topic of distractions and limit the power distractions have over you. Start with reading our mini report on distraction. It will give you a better understanding of what it is and what you can do to fight it.

Focus Guru

Focus Guru

Wow, what is your secret? Your level of distraction is lower than average. It looks like you are aware of your biggest sources of distraction and know how to minimize their negative effect on your life. Great job, keep this up!

Typical Fellow

Typical Fellow

Much like the majority of modern people, you are easily distracted given half a chance. However, you recognize there is a problem and put efforts to limit the number of distractions in your everyday life. Not bad for a start, but there is surely a room for improvement.