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On Apr 5, 2019
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It's Friday so here are 20 questions to test your knowledge of the last week.

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After it's immediate closure earlier this week, which team has been declared the unofficial champion of the first, and last, AAF season?

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Which former first-round NFL pick managed to score 11 touchdowns for the Birmingham Iron before the AAF folded?

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Which former Buckeye scored the first touchdown in the AAF's history?

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Auburn are the lowest seed to have made the Final Four of this year's NCAA Championship. What seed were the Tigers?

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In the history of the NCAA Championship only four 11-seeds have made the Final Four. Which of them was the most recent?

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Auburn Tigers are one of many Tigers in collegiate sports. Which of the following schools are NOT known as the Tigers?

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This week Russell Westbrook became only the second player in history to go 20-20-20. Who was the other?

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Steph Curry announced what this week?

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How many seconds into this week's Spurs - Nuggets game did Gregg Popovich get ejected?

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The Champions League returns this week. Which team lifted the trophy last year?

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Four English teams have made the quarterfinal stage of this year's competition. Which of the following ISN'T there?

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Lionel Messi is tied with which player at the top of the Champions League goalscoring charts?

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Bryce Harper hit a 465-foot dinger in his third game for the Phillies. How fast did it travel when he initially made contact hit it?

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It has been revealed that Pete Alonso's teammates have given him a nickname but what is it?

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The home field of the Atlanta Braves is called?

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C.J. Anderson has just left the Los Angeles Rams and joined which team?

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NFL insider Ian Rapoport has tweeted that an NFL defensive star will be making a cameo in the upcoming season of Game Of Thrones. Who are they?

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Draft Kings announced the over/under lines for each NFL team this week. How many games to they expect the Cincinnati Bengals to win?

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Which upcoming politician has stormed to fifth favorite in the betting to win the Democratic nomination?

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has agreed a divorce settlement believed to be worth?

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