How well do you know Canada’s oceans?

Sure, you may have dived into the deep blue sea before, but do you really know what lies below? Take this quiz to find out.

Oceana Canada
Created by Oceana Canada
On Jan 26, 2017
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Canada has the world’s longest what?

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What fishery is the most valuable to Canada’s economy?

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An annual festival in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, challenges participants to dress up as fishers and toss what?

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Which of these animals can’t be found in Canada’s oceans?

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What legal Act was created in 1868, just one year after Canada’s confederation?

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Which of these is not a key threat to Canada’s oceans?

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Canada is committed to protecting 10 per cent of its marine areas by 2020. What per cent is currently protected?

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What species was nicknamed “Newfoundland currency”?

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