How Well Do You Know Willow?

Heard of it? Know it well? Test your Willow trivia and find out just how well.

Nothing Uncut
Created By Nothing Uncut
On Mar 29, 2017
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Which actor adlibbed much of his/her dialogue?

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The large group of pigs outside the castle continuously tried mating. What was used to separate them?

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The book sequel to Willow is titled as what?

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Joanne Whalley accidentally stuck her sword into this instead of the ground at the tavern.

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What is Blackroot?

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Elora Danan was too young for a full head of hair. Normal wig adhesive was too harsh so what was used instead?

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What was Fin Raziel's animal form when Willow first found her?

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This actor tested for the role of Madmartigan, but lost to Val Kilmer. He considers this his biggest disappointment.

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How old was Warwick Davis during the shooting of Willow?

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What music album does this film sync up with several times?

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