Can You Figure Out Where These Movies Were Filmed?

Do you consider yourself well traveled? How well do you really know your geography? Pick the filming locations from the scenes of these films. Also, we bet when you finish this quiz you'll be super inspired to go on vacation.

Nothing Uncut
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On Mar 29, 2017
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In Pride and Prejudice (2005) Darcy proposes to Elizabeth in this garden.

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Moonrise Kingdom has been dubbed as a "love letter" to this state.

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In what country were the scenes for Luke's home planet of Tatooine filmed in Star Wars?

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What waterfall is shown in this scene from Prometheus?

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The spaceship scene from John Carpenter's The Thing was filmed here.

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The location for Leonardo Dicaprio's film, The Beach.

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In the movie Taken, Liam Neeson's character tries to find his kidnapped daughter in this city.

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The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy was filmed entirely in this location.

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Jurassic Park filmed most of its scenes on this island.

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The Chronicles of Narnia was filmed almost entirely here.

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Jennifer Lawrence filmed Winter's Bone entirely in this state.

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What country was Pan's Labyrinth filmed in?

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In which state was Dazed and Confused filmed in?

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