Quiz: Bites and Envenomation

Are you ready to respond to bites from fire ants, scorpions, snakes, spiders, and ticks? Keep in mind that ill-informed or misguided treatments can be just as harmful to the patient as venom itself.

Created By NOLS
On May 4, 2018
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What are the signs and symptoms of fire ant bites?

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What is commonly produced by North American scorpion stings?

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Which is true of Brown Recluse spider bites?

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How are non-healing wounds that are suspected spider bites treated?

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Which concept is the basis for snake bite evacuation guidelines?

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Which of the following are accepted treatments for North American rattlesnake bites?

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What is the recommended method for removal of an embedded tick?

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What is an evacuation threshold for a person ill after exposure to ticks?

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