We Know What You're Supposed To Do Right Now Instead Of This Quiz

And you probably won't do it even after you'll get your result

Noam Gurevich
Created by Noam Gurevich
On Sep 19, 2021

Where will your first quarantine free vacation be?

Which of the following songs makes you want to dance?

What's your favorite reality show?

Pick the perfect pizza topping

Where do you usually nap?

Your current mood is...

You have to do one of the following activities today. Which one do you choose?

Pick your dream bestie

Who's your favorite Kardashian sister?

Be honest - is there anything you're supposed to do right now?

Work out

Work out

Thank god you bought those mattress and dumbbells, right?

Participate in an online course

Participate in an online course

Whether it's a class or an online course you decided to take, you're not about that educational life right now, and that's totally fine.

Check something off your TDL

Check something off your TDL

Remember that amazing check list you made a few days ago? You know, the one that included reading books, writing, re-organizing your room, donating clothes, learning how to cook and so many more innovative ideas? Well, it's about time you start checking things off of that list!

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