We Know What Type Of Wedding You're Going To Have

Build the perfect sandwich and find out

Noam Gurevich
Created by Noam Gurevich
On Jan 2, 2020
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Pick a bread for your sandwich

What would you spread on the bread?

Which vegetable would you like to add?

Pick another vegetable

Wait, do you even want vegetables on your sandwich?

Cheese or ham?

Would you like to add any spices?

Which sandwich looks the best?

Fairy Tale Wedding

Fairy Tale Wedding

You're all about being extra and your wedding day will be exactly that. Your friends better prepare their Instagram stories, because you're gonna have one hell of an entrance going down the isle.

Simple Wedding

Simple Wedding

As a humble person, you don't need much to feel on top of the world. Your perfect wedding includes the love of your life, your close family and friends, and the beautiful surrounding nature. Ugh, we're getting emotional.

Classic Wedding

Classic Wedding

What's a classic wedding? 300 guests, a funny first dance, bridesmaids with ugly dresses and lots of fun. We're waiting for our invitation.