So Fetch: 10 Best Mean Girls Gifts

These presents are just too perfect to function.

Noam Gurevich
Created by Noam Gurevich
On Dec 18, 2019

Get in loser, we're going shopping for the best Christmas gifts ever- because why buy another ugly sweater when you can buy an actual burn book? Don't worry, we got you covered. After weeks of searching, we've found the top 10 best Mean Girls gifts out there. This is not a regular Christmas presents list, it's a cool Christmas presents list.


The Unofficial Burn Cookbook

If you're into cooking, shopping, and Swedish nutrition bars, this is the gift for you. This book includes behind the scenes stories alongside real recipes, all written by the one and only Aaron Samuels. Well, by Jonathan Bennett. So, is butter a carb? Buy the book and find out.


Cool Mom Mug

Let's stay in the kitchen area and move on to the next gift - a cool mom mug. Every mom would love to get this and let's face it - so would you. This mug says "I love you" in so many ways that not even Mrs. George can comprehend. What are you waiting for?


On Wednesdays You Can't Sit With Us

Seriously, is there anything more fetch than this shirt? Ugh, we're such good friends. We really don't think we need to say anything else, this gift speaks for itself. Get it now before it sells out!


A Wednesday Thing

Remember how funny and witty we were in the last paragraph? So, can we copy and paste that text? We'll let you sit with us. Never mind, just grab this super chic pin and let everyone know about your fashion rules.


What Do You Mean?

The all-time classic "What do you meme" game is now available in a Mean Girls addition. A perfect game for girls' night with a side of wine, popcorn and a burn book.


It's A Sticker, Duh!

Ladies, gentleman, and Glen Coco, we're proud to introduce you with Mean Girls stickers. It's, like, really pretty. So you agree? You think it's really pretty? That's why our notebook is so big, it's full of stickers.


The Official Burn Book

Now that you have stickers, you need a place to stick them on. It's time to buy the official Burn Book package, which includes a journal, note cards, envelopes and sticker seals. That's grool, and it's available now for purchase.


You Can't Write With Us

Now that you have your very own Burn Book, you need something to write your burns with. Or at least another grool way to decorate your room. Either way, this pencil package is pink, funny and necessary. Are you still here?


Boo, You...

It's no secret that you love to bail on your friends with fake coughs and a sick voice, and now you can do it with a gorgeous phone cover. We hope your friends won't react like Regina George. Boo, go get one.



Last but not least, the ultimate trend by the ultimate trendsetter, Regina George. Don't worry, it's not really cut in these strategic spots, but you'll definitely look like a mean girl with this shirt. Buy one for you and for all of your friends, and don't forget one for Glen Coco.

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