Choose Between These Photos and We'll Tell You How Stressed You Are

Just try not to stress out about this quiz, ok?

Noam Gurevich
Created by Noam Gurevich
On Sep 2, 2023

Which photo makes you smile the most?

What will be your new computer wallpaper?

Pick a photo that represents your personality

Pick a picture to hang on your wall

If these photos were printed on a T shirt, which one would you wear?

The photo you'll choose represents your life right now

Which of these photos make you hungry?

Pick your favorite picture

Now choose an image for no reason

Not Stressed At All

Not Stressed At All

You're calmer than a cucumber! What's your secret?

A Little Nervous

A Little Nervous

As most people, you carry some stress with you. Try to focus on the good stuff in your life.

Freaking out

Freaking out

A lot of people are on edge right now. Try to focus on your breathing, and remember that this too shall pass.

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