How Likely Are You To Die In A Shark Attack?

A shark’s world is mysterious, even to George Burgess, Curator of the International Shark Attack File. “When we enter the sea, it is a wilderness experience,” he says. “We are eco-tourists, we are visitors to a wild world, and that wild world doesn’t guarantee one hundred percent safety.” Using data from the Shark Attack File, how likely are you to die in a shark attack?

New York Post
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On Jul 4, 2016

How much do you know about sharks?

Where are you swimming?

Who are you swimming with?

Which of these most closely describes you?

Are you male or female?

Are you old or young?

How much noise are you making?

Are you wearing any jewelry?

What color is your swimsuit?

What style swimming are you doing?

What time are you swimming?

If you sensed there was a shark in the water, what would you do?

If you saw a shark coming toward you and you cannot get out of the water, what would you do next?

If a shark is coming toward you and you decide to attack, where would you hit it?

You're dead meat!

You're dead meat!

Get pit of the water while you can, man! Stop swimming between dusk and dawn while wearing those brightly colored swim suits and jewelry. You are shark bait.

*Insert JAWS theme*

*Insert JAWS theme*

You seem to have the right idea when it comes to ocean safety. Make sure you keep your wits about you and your likelihood of having a run in with JAWS will be low!

Still alive, but barely breathing

Still alive, but barely breathing

You are swimming in shark infested waters but somehow you made it out alive. Be careful next time!

You made it out alive!

You made it out alive!

Congrats! You survived the ocean this time. Keep up those expert habits for a long lifetime of beachin' it!