All About Straightening Your Vehicle's Frame

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On Dec 12, 2017
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All About Straightening Your Vehicle's Frame

Vehicle accidents are an undeniable fact. They can happen anywhere, anytime and leave us and our vehicle in mess that can take plenty of time to recover. You may not be aware of the fact that most vehicle owners ignore frame alignment of their damaged vehicles when taking their car for a collision repair Valencia. The fact is that even a minor damage to your car's body can have an impact in your vehicular frame. As a vehicle owner, it is of paramount importance that you get your vehicle assessed for any changes in frame alignment.

When you repair your car's body without a frame being fixed, you'll find out that your car is always out of alignment and uneven tire wear is one of the most visible signs that your car's frame is not aligned properly.

How Does Auto Body Shop Assesses Condition Of Your Frame?

Modern cars are assessed by a certified technicians using latest technology and your vehicle is mounted on A Frame Straightening Machine. If any bends or twists are detected, the machine straightens the vehicle's frame to return it as is was in showroom like condition. Modern vehicles are built using two different methods of straight rail system or unibody construction. Regardless of the method of construction that is used to built your vehicle, you need to realize that the safety of the passengers of your car depends to a great extent on your car's body and it is your best protection of injuries in case of a collision. A frame straightening machines measure your car dimensions to ensure that all parts are aligned properly.

If the structure of your car is damaged, you are at a much higher risk and you could sustain serious injuries. Just give it a thought that your suspension and mechanical assemblies are mounted on to the frame directly and if there is any compromise on the structure, these parts will not function properly. As a result, there is a strong possibility of placing more strain on your engine and wearing down your tyres unevenly. It also negatively affects vehicle ride and handling. Thankfully, recent advances in auto industry has paved way for the introduction of frame straightening, which is simple and effective method to check your vehicle's structural integrity as well as frame alignment.

How Frame Straightening Works

Frame straightening is an important part of a auto collision repair Valencia where a damaged vehicle is mounted on a frame straightening machine, securing it with chains and clamps, and is raised further up with better visibility to assess the damage. A comparison is made between a computer readout and visible readout to target the areas that need frame straightening. Hydraulics and torque are used to get the car to its original condition when it rolled out of assembly line up. Continuous printouts are verified by competent and well-trained technicians to see that the car is aligned accurately and precisely to the last millimeter, the last centimeter.

What is important is that frame straightening is done properly so that you don't have to face any issues later on.