are you miranda or colleen?

this test determines whether you are the lovely colleen ballinger or the amazing miranda sings.

Narelle Collins
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On Sep 25, 2015

are you a cat or a dog person?

whats your dream holiday destination?

do you feel comfortable farting and burping in front of your baes?

do you like wearing lots of lipstick?

are you the type of person to cheat on your baes?

do you prefer singing or dancing?

whats your dream job?

whos your favourite singer?

what style would you prefer?

pick a man crush



you are the famous miranda sings! lipstick is your passion. you love all of your baes and is in love with sweatpants! your dancing is on point! you love to be in control of whatever is happening. be proud miranda!



you are the amazing colleen ballinger! you love cats but love your husband just as much! you love burps and farts and have no problems doing it in front of everyone. singing is your passion and you are hella good! be proud colleen!