How Well Do You Know San Francisco?

Think you know San Francisco? Take our quiz to find out how well you really know the City by the Bay.

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On Apr 26, 2016
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What is buried beneath San Francisco’s Financial District?

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The founders of City Lights Booksellers were famously sent to trial on grounds of obscenity after the publication of which book?

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The notorious San Francisco fog has been affectionately dubbed with what nickname?

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The Mission’s Golden Hydrant is memorialized for its role in which San Francisco disaster?

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Which San Francisco pastry shop made the ‘cruffin’ famous?

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Which skyscraper reaches the highest point in the San Francisco skyline?

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Which San Francisco street was labeled “Lovers’ Lane” in the 1860s, as a popular path for soldiers visiting their loved ones?

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Donation-based yoga classes are offered every week on which San Francisco labyrinth?

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At which San Francisco establishment did Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio tie the knot?

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Rincon Park is home to which San Francisco art installation?

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Which of the following was NEVER housed within the Palace of Fine Arts?

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Which of the following celebrities did NOT attend high school in San Francisco?

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Which San Francisco-based show featured the first same-sex commitment ceremony ever on television?

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Which San Francisco park memorializes the LGBT men and women who lost their lives during the Holocaust?

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What is the formal name of the mission commonly known as Mission Dolores?

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Which neighborhood is home to The Saloon, San Francisco’s oldest bar?

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Which of the following bands did NOT earn their fame in San Francisco?

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Which San Francisco establishment is home to over 200 types of flowers mentioned in Shakespeare’s works?

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Which of the following is NOT true about the Golden Gate Bridge?

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How many sharp turns are required to drive down the famously crooked section of Lombard Street?

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