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This Emirati-themed waterpark features more than 40 rides, slides and attractions. It is located in:

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This island resembles a pet beagle of a popular comic strip. It is off the coast of which emirate?

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Until 1970 it served as the ruler’s residence. This fort was then converted into a museum. It is the most visited historical attraction of which emirate?

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Adventure junkies can enjoy the world’s largest zipline in the UAE. For this they have to visit which emirate?

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This popular park, called Al Ittihad Square Park, is located in:

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Known to resemble Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul, this mosque is UAE’s second largest place of worship. It is located in:

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An abandoned Soviet Ilyushin Il-76 cargo plane is rusting at an airstrip of which emirate?

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This is an aerial view of an amusement park that holds the record for the largest space frame structure ever built. It is located in:

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A visit to this venue will give you the opportunity to explore exotic flora and fauna. This bio-dome is located in:

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The pillars of this mosque are decorated with rare and semi-precious stones such as mother of pearl, agate and amethyst. Plus, it’s the world’s third largest mosque. You can visit it in:

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To check out thousands of rare and important Islamic artifacts, you would need to visit the Museum of Islamic Civilization in:

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These mountains are in the UAE and they do see occasional snowfall. They are in the emirate of:

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Recommended as a must see in UAE off-road guides, this wadi is home to more than 100 species of birds, reptiles and mammals. These streams and pools dotted with rocky outcrops lie in which emirate?

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This fort, made from stone, palm wood planking and mud brick, is located in the Bithnah village of the following emirate:

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You could wake up to this view if you booked a stay at this luxurious Arabian island resort. It is located in the following emirate:

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You’ll spot pink flamingos, egrets and herons here. Truly a haven for bird and marine life, this 5.4 million sq m reserve is located north of which emirate?

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These majestic portraits of the founding fathers of the UAE can be found in one of the country’s newer museums. Which emirate is it located in?

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In which emirate are you likely to enjoy the day in an ice-themed park that features a penguin bay?

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To watch dolphin, seal or exotic bird shows, you’d have to be in the following emirate:

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This fountain show with displays combining audio, lights and lasers can be found in the following emirate:

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