How to Reap the Benefits of Skin Tanning Safely

Humans have a love-hate relationship with the sun. It’s an wonderful source of vitamin D that can make bones strong, and can give skin a healthy glow. But too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation can damage the skin’s DNA. So in this article we will tell you how to reap the benefits of skin tanning safely.

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On Oct 30, 2018
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How to Reap the Benefits of Skin Tanning Safely

It has been a long boring week and there is no way you can let the weekend be the same. Who stops you from wallowing in a breathtaking beachside setting? If your home happens to be near the seashore, you cannot miss beach treasure hunt, building sandcastle, practicing yoga and meditation with your favorite charts, just lay back and read your favorite magazine while enjoying the sips of cold drink, have a barbecue party and finally the best thing to do on the beach – take a nap. However, amid this excitement, you cannot take the effects of sun rays on your skin lightly.
7100 males and females participated in a survey conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). 80% of the participants expressed their concerns about skin cancer. 71% of respondents said that they found tanned people more attractive. Teen respondents said that tanned skin was a sign of healthy skin.

Tanning Makes Your Skin Look Great
Perfect golden tan skin looks great. There are celebrities spending thousands of dollars yearly to achieve and maintain a healthy tan. Pale skin is plain, boring and also makes you look sick on the beach. So, if you want to look attractive, run your fingers on the keyboard and find a good store where you can shop skin care products online and purchase self-tanning products.

Tanning Is Relaxation
A good tanning session be it an indoor or outdoor is always relaxing and enjoyable. Today’s hectic life is plagued with stress and worries. You will be doing your body a favor by going for a tanning session. You can make your indoor or outdoor tanning session more relaxing by playing your much-loved music charts while reading a fashion magazine.

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Skin Tanning Is Easy
There is an array of products that can help you in maintaining perfect tan round the year. You don’t even need to burn your skin outside in sun during summer. Wasting time on booking an appointment and waiting for your turn in a salon makes no sense when you can achieve healthy tan at home. All you have to do is finding a safe self tanning product.

Tanning Is Good For Health
Tanning is good for health only when achieved safely. Your body cannot get enough vitamin D from food. Exposing your skin to the sun is the most natural way of getting vitamin D.

Harmful Effects of Sun rays
However, by spending too much time in the sun, you are subjecting your skin to harmful UV rays. Exposure to UV rays means a high risk of sunburn, skin damage, premature skin aging and even skin cancer. The risk of sun damages is high in people with lighter skin. The risk is higher in people with:
•       Blue or green eyes
•       Blond or red hair
•       Freckles
•       Fair skin
•       Moles
Though people will darker skin are less prone to harmful effects of sunrays, still exposing skin to the sun is not a wise thing to do.
There are some medications such as antibiotics, acne medications and antidepressants that can increase sun sensitivity.

Skin Tanning for Protecting Skin from UV Rays
Skin tanning will protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Skin tanning is darkening of the skin. When harmful UV rays fall on the skin, it responds by producing a pigment called melanin. It is a dark brown to black pigment. The number of melanin particles determines the color of skin, eyes and hair. If you have darker skin, it means the concentration of this pigment is higher in your body. On the other hand, if you have fair skin, the concentration of melanin is low in your body.
This pigment is capable of absorbing lights. Melanin can dissipate almost 99.9% of the harmful UV radiations it absorbs. This is the reason why people with darker skin (high concentration of melanin) are less prone to harmful effects of UV rays as the higher concentration of melanin provides better protection. On the other hand, in people with fair skin, there is a low concentration of melanin and so it cannot dissipate a significant amount of UV rays. So, the risk of harmful effects of sunrays is higher in people with fair skin.

How to Tan Safely 
A tanning bed is perhaps the most popular option people go for. However, tanning beds are not good at all. Risk of skin cancer is higher in people who use a tanning bed. Using tanning beds before reaching 35 increase the risk for melanoma by 75%. Melanoma is the most serious skin cancer. Your skin in a tanning bed is exposed to both UVA and UVB rays.

Back in 2009, International Agency for Research on Cancer put the tanning bed in the Class 1 human carcinogens. So, avoid indoor tanning. Use a self tanning product that contains no harsh chemicals.

Beach is the best place to spend summer weekends. You should avoid indoor tanning and opt for self tanning products to enjoy your time on a beach to the fullest.